416 North Cañon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

A vsit to Umberto’s flagship salon is an exquisite experience: a warm and welcoming atmosphere, rich in Italian heritage, European art and modern convenience.

A full-service beauty emporium, staffed by some of the most talented artists in Beverly Hills, Umberto Canon encompasses 75 stylists, 10 manicurists, 3 make-up artists and 2 estheticians on two levels in an ethereal 12,000 sq. foot environment that accommodates guests and stylists with a remarkable degree of privacy.

Upon your first visit to Umberto, you will be treated to a consultation with the master himself.  Umberto considers your personal preferences, inquires as to your lifestyle, your desires and expectations, and will then match you with the stylist most suited to your needs.  Before you leave the salon, Umberto or his salon manager will follow-up with you to ensure that you are satisfied with your styling service.

Haircut and Style   65-250
Conditioner   25 and up
Blow Dry/Style   65-125
Up-Do   100-150
Color - One Process   65-120 (Styling not included)
Highlights (only)   125-400
Baliage (only)   100-400
Relaxer   125-350
Keratin Relax   350-500
Permanent Wave   250-350 (not including Blow Dry)
Application   135
Eye Makeup   75
Lesson   300
Individual Lashes   35-50
Lash Extensions   300 and up
Lash Extension Fill   85-100
Lash Perm   50 and up
Lash Tint   35
Eyebrow Arch   35
Lip Wax   15-20
Facial   100-150
Micro Dermabrasion   150-200 
Full Leg Bikini   70-90
Lower Leg (only)   35-50
Bikini (only)   30-50
Full Arm   70 and up
Under Arm   15-25
Back   60-70
Chest   60-70
Pedicure   40-70
Pedicure Polish Change   20
Manicure   25-55
Manicure Polish Change   15
Acrylic   90
Fill   45
Juliette   40
Silk Wrap   50-90


8840 Olympic Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA  90211

Our new salon, Umberto Olympic, offers the Umberto experience at a more affordable price. A touch of Umberto’s native Italy is the centerpiece of this airy, elegant space:  an olive tree  grows under a skylight in the central courtyard.

Surrounded by framed artwork by R.C. Gorman, each of the talented stylists, colorists, aestheticians and manicurists create works of art every day for their clients.  Warm and welcoming, the Olympic Salon is open six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday.

Effective July 1, 2015

Shampoo Only   7
Shampoo and Blow Dry Short Hair   35
Shampoo and Blow Dry Long hair   45
Shampoo, Blow Dry and Set   45-60
Shampoo, Haircut , Blow Dry    
• bang trim   10
• short hair   50
• long hair   70 
Shampoo, Haircut, Blow Dry, Set   reg price +18
Haircut Children   based on difficulty 25-60
Shampoo, Blow Dry Styling / Extensions   reg price +20
Flat Iron/Curling Iron   reg price +20
Up-Do   60-80
Conditioning Treatment   15-20
Color Only / One Process   50-70
U Color   45
Toner   35
Highlights and Low Lights Only   100-150
Relaxer Only   60-350
Permanent   90-130 
Keratin Treatment   275-350 



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